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  • Explanation Two differences between Mendelssohn’s conception of the commandments and Geiger’s conception of this subject.
  • Show the similarities and differences between the characteristics of traditional Jewish society in Ashkenazi lands and the characteristics of Jewishsociety Traditional in Islamic countries until the 18th century.

Question 2

  • Some argue that as early as the early 1920s, there were early signs of an economic crisis in the United States.

Here is a painting by the artist William Gruper in 1938. The painting depicts the Tennessee Valley project. Look at the drawing, and answer the question that follows

  • Explain what the purpose of the American administration was in publishing the painting, and how this purpose was expressed in the painting. View two additional goals of the New Deal program. 

Question 3

  • “After the outbreak of World War II, a well-known American journalistremarked: ‘The desire of most Americans is to be As neutral as possible without being partners in the war. “

    Explain this statement. In your answer, refer to three of the events before you:
    • Four Freedoms Speech (January 1941)
    • Legislation of the “Lease and Loan” Laws (March 1941)
    • Signing of the Atlantic Treaty (August 1941)

  • Explanation Three of the principles in the U.S. Constitution that limit them power of the federal government. In your answer write how they are limited by the power of the federal government.